...and the police actually showed up WITH FOOD.

Alright, so before you go and sancti-mommy judge the heck outta this grandma, can we all admit that we've handed our phones off to our kids at some point to keep them busy?

Now that we've all admitted to doing this, we can move on.

Early last Sunday morning, Kent County 911 got a call from a little boy who was asking for McDonald's. Of course, the operator said that she couldn't do that for him. Officer Dan Patterson headed on over to the house to do a wellness check...and just happened to stop at the golden arches on the way.

The grandma had given her grandson a phone that was deactivated to play with when she fell asleep, but the phone connected to the WiFi and the little boy was able to make the call.

Relax, everybody. No harm done. Hopefully, we can all take this with a dose of cute.


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