A staple of the Commerce Township community is in a dispute with the township. Windmill Farm Riding Academy in Commerce Township has been operating for nearly 20 years, according to their website.

What is the problem in Commerce Township with Windmill Farm Riding Academy?

  • According to a report by WXYZ-TV, the township owns the land. While the horses are privately owned. Five school districts have been training equestrian teams for a very long time. Now, the township says there's not enough "programming," in so many words, not enough Commerce Township residents are taking advantage of the free facility for training, riding (etc) and they want the horses/operator off the property ASAP.

What does Windmill Farm Riding Academy in Commerce Township offer to residents?

  • Their website shows training, events, tours, horse shows and hosting area middle & high school equestrian teams when they're in competitive season. I'm not a rocket scientist (or mat major), but it seems like five school districts getting use of these facilities is a cause worthy of continuing the partnership alone. How much would it cost each of those districts to create their own equestrian facilities? A lot.

What does Commerce Township want to do with the property at Windmill Farm Riding Academy?

  • WXYZ-TV's report states the township supervisor wants the facility to remain equestrian based but have more "programs" to offer residents and more outreach to residents. Here's where it gets fishy, the operator of the facility has done that -- and provided a presentation to the township to prove it:

There will no doubt be a dispute over who has done exactly what, but not sure there's any legal action that can be taken--Commerce Township owns the property.

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So, Commerce Township residents and community partners -- if you're okay with the way things have been with Windmill Farm Riding Academy, you might want to show up in droves to the next township meeting to express your wishes. First question I'd ask, "what is it you really want to do with all of those acres?"

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