From teachers to an Uber driver to a complete stranger, the kindness trickled down. 

Luis Tamarez was born with cerebral palsy. He has used a wheelchair or crawled since he was born, but when his pre-kindergarten teachers in New Jersey found out about a device called Upsee, they wanted to get it for him.

The device straps on to an adult and creates the sensation of natural movement. However, like most medical devices, it wasn't cheap - $500.

One of the substitute teachers, Yorel Browne, who also moonlights as an Uber driver, was telling one of his passengers about it, and how they wanted to raise the money. The passenger, Jim Burke, made it even easier - he ponied up for the WHOLE THING.

When the device arrived, Luis took his first steps with his aide in front of the whole classroom - including Jim Burke and Yorel Browne.

“I gave $500 and got a million dollar smile,” Burke said. *sniffle*

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