Welcome to the mitten state, doggies!

The wonderful employees and volunteers from the Michigan Humane Society have their hands full today - they're giving extra loves to more than three-dozen dogs that were just flown in from Louisiana to escape hurricane Laura, and MAN are their paws tired!

The dogs that were brought to Michigan were the last from the shelter down south to be evacuated; some of the dogs are of a larger breed, some of them are being treated for heartworms and other medical issues. And the Michigan Humane Society knew that they had the resources to help these pups.

They'll all be up for adoption eventually but, for now, they have been dispersed to different shelters throughout Michigan to receive medical care and to be placed in foster homes until they can be adopted out.

“Because of our ability to provide medical and behavioral care, we took up some larger breed dogs, some medical issues, heartworm, things that we knew we could address and find homes for ultimately,” President & CEO of Michigan Humane Matthew Pepper told WXYZ-TV Channel 7 in Detroit.

If you're interested in adopting one of the dogs from Louisiana, you can follow the Michigan Humane Society on Facebook for updates as to when they'll be available for adoption.

We love it that there are people out there who think outside of the box during a natural disaster and have the drive to help rescue animals from storms, too.

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