Meet 3-year-old Savannah Lavely. She's the youngest hero ever in the city of Warren after saving her mom's life last month.

A special ceremony was held and Warren Mayor Jim Fouts read the proclamation.

"For her strength and courage at the young age of 3 years old to help save her mother’s life,"

Savannah and her mom Jessa were out for a walk last month when Jessa collapsed and had a seizure. Savannah knew exactly what to do, retracing her steps back to her grandparents' house so they could summon help. She led adults to the place where her mom lay unconscious.

Savannah's parents Steven and Jessa tell Fox 2 they're not surprised by her quick thinking.

“I just feel like I need to put all of my time into her and see what she grows up to be,” said Jessa.

Check out this brave little girl in the video below. Nice job.

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