Even though we are in the dead of winter, we can still think about summer.

Spring is just over one month away and summer will be soon to follow, or that is what I keep telling myself anyway. After a long winter, there is just something about getting back out on the lakes of Michigan that just makes you feel alive again.

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There are more than 11,000 inland lakes in Michigan so you have plenty of places to pick from this summer. Below you'll find a list of the 20 largest inland lakes throughout the state. Keep in mind, this list is based on their size in acres of each lake. Many of these also have unique features or metrics that set them apart even more, but we will get to those another time.

Personally, I have only been in two of them, Houghton Lake and Higgins Lake. Houghton Lake is massive (number one on the list) and is also home to Bud Bash. I've been to Bud Bash once and that was good enough for me. The day included our boat almost sinking and bailing a friend out of jail. That was good enough for me.

I've driven by a few others on the list, but haven't been able to enjoy them. I really want to get out on Torch Lake and Crystal Lake this year, but we will see how it goes. Also, I need boat friends that are heading that direction with an extra seat on board.

Check out the 20 Largest Lakes in Michigan below.

Source: Michigan.gov

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