You can march, walk, bike, rollerblade, etc. through downtown Flint this weekend in solidarity.

It's been almost two decades since the first March Against Violence in Flint, and the event is still going strong. On Saturday, June 27th, the 19th annual march will take place here in Genesee County.

The march will take place this Saturday, starting at 10:30 AM at Our Savior Lutheran Church and will proceed down Saginaw Street, ending at City Hall.

Kenyetta Dotson is one of the original organizers of the event. “I have to be the change I desire to see, and that means getting involved in a march or a protest, joining together with my brothers and my sisters, connecting with other people, regardless if I like them or not,” community activist, she told ABC 12. “We have to agree to disagree and be able to come to the table and leave our differences outside the room.”

The march is organized by WOW Outreach. At the end of the march, they will be registering people to vote at City Hall, saying that it's not enough to "just march."

They're still accepting volunteers for the march. If you'd like to get involved, you can call WOW Outreach at (810) 789-7700.

I love the fact that they're registering people to vote at the end of the march. A peaceful protest is a great way to make a statement, but voting is how we can all truly be heard. This gives people the opportunity to do BOTH - protest AND be an activist.

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