After realizing her local fire department didn't have some of the equipment they needed to save lives, a 14-year-old high school student rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

Ithaca Fire Department Lacked Life-Saving Equipment

Zoey Harrison lives in Ithaca, Michigan and attends Michigan Great Lakes Virtual Academy. While the 9th grader was recovering from surgery last year, she was watching TV and saw firefighters rescuing farmers who had become trapped in grain bins. She called her local fire department and learned that they don't have grain bin entrapment equipment.

Harrison also learned that the Ithaca Fire Department had applied for grants to purchase grain bin entrapment equipment in the past, but had been turned down.

So Zoey set out to raise money for her local fire department. She tells WXMI-TV that she had a goal of $4,000 in mind.

"I went out to a lot of businesses and I also made pies for people who donated," she says.

Her local McDonald's donated $4,000 to cover one set up equipment for the Gratiot Emergency Services Authority's Ithaca and Perrinton fire stations. Another local business, Zeeland Farm Services, covered the cost of additional safety equipment for firefighters and the cost of training for firefighters.

Area Teen Surpasses Her Goal

After her fundraising campaign was complete, Harrison had raised more than $10,000 for the purchase of lifesaving equipment and to train firefighters in its use.

Harrison tells the TV station that her next project is to raise money to help make public restrooms more accessible for handicapped individuals.

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