How some people sleep at night is beyond me.

The Michigan Attorney General's Office has sent cease and desist letters to 11 senior living facilities after they were charging residents $900 COVID-19 fees. WTF?

According to WNEM, letters were sent Tuesday to CSIG Holding Co. LLC, which had facilities in Brighton, Petoskey, Plymouth, Oxford, Midland, Grand Ledge, White Lake, Rockford, Chesterfield, and Saline.

It pisses me off to no end how people can take advantage of others during such troubling times. Not only take advantage but do it guilt-free. You know these money-hungry businesses knew exactly what they were doing.

Attorney General Dana Nessel:

This pandemic has caused financial strain for many people and businesses in Michigan, but that does not provide companies with the right to impose unauthorized costs on their customers and clients – especially those in our senior communities and others who are already living on a fixed income. As Attorney General, I am bound by duty to ensure our laws are enforced, and it as my responsibility to protect our vulnerable populations and all Michigan residents from unlawful actions.

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They have 10 days to respond or they could face an investigation and possible legal action.

The operators may also sign an agreement requiring them to cancel and refund the $900 fees to residents.

I'm glad complaints were made and someone is stepping in to put a stop to this garbage.

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