Can you believe this, another way teens are getting high. An important alert for parents about a dangerous way that teens are trying to get high; huffing freon. Seems like parents will need a score card soon to keep up.

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The gas is found in air conditioning systems, inhaling it could have fatal consequences. Some parents actually thought they had a leak in their air conditioning systems, only to find their teens were inhaling freon to get high.

There's video after video of teens experimenting by inhaling the coolant commonly found in air conditioning systems. Experts say freon causes a rapid high that resembles alcohol intoxication.

But Dr. Shan Yin from Cincinnati Children's Hospital warns about the dangers of huffing freon, saying "even a single use can result in sudden death."

If you suspect a problem seek professional help immediately. And remember, freon does not show up in drug tests. Knowledge is power, watch the video below.