Should You Let Your Teenager Have Sex In Your Home [VIDEO]
This is a conversation that I never had with my kids. It was just understood that having sex under my roof while I was home was a big fat no-no. As for outside of the home? Ignorance was bliss. Now that I think about it, there are pros and cons for each school of thought. Watch the video, and see wh…
Britain’s New Approach to Teenage Contraception
Sexuality among teens has always had a challenge being addressed by parents and educators. Stopping teens from being sexually active takes many forms, preaching abstinance, sex education and scare tactics have never really worked. Now, some schools in the UK are trying a different approach
A report f…
Teens Using Air Conditioning Systems To Get High [VIDEO]
Can you believe this, another way teens are getting high. An important alert for parents about a dangerous way that teens are trying to get high; huffing freon. Seems like parents will need a score card soon to keep up.
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