Extreme Parenting Kids On Leashes Sensible or Silly? [VIDEO]
This has become kind of a topic of discussion on some of the mommy blogs over the last couple of days. They are called a safety harness but in reality they are a leash.
Should parents use a leash to keep control of their children? Watch what the experts say after the jump.
After Surgery, Matt Feels Dizzy [VIDEO]
Matt is waking up after surgery, and he's a little groggy. Like all good parents, his came prepared, armed with a video camera, ready to capture  every disconcerted, nonsensical word. Matt is dizzy. Or is it dizzaaaay?
Please, I'm begging you, when someone you love is coming out of ane…
And You Thought Your Commute To Work And School Was Tough [VIDEO]
After watching this video I feel like a sissy. The village of Los Pinos is in the middle of the Colombian jungle. To get to school kids either have to walk around a 1,200-foot gorge or use a 1,300-foot zip line to go over it.
They use a piece of wood as a brake, so they don't slam into the tires on t…
Is A Four-Year-Old Too Young For Make-Up? [Poll]
How young is too young for make-up? One mom is getting some heat for letting her four-year-old daughter wear make-up after becoming fascinated with cosmetics after watching mom apply make-up when she goes out.
The mom wrote a blog and others lashed out at her for letting her daughter wear make-up. Sh…
Mom Uses Facebook To Punish Daughter
One mom is receiving some backlash for punishing her daughter on Facebook. Denise Abbott's daughter was being disrespectful so she changed her daughter's profile picture with a photo of her with an x over her mouth, with the words 'I do not know how to keep my mouth shut and I am no l…
Teens Get High From Drinking Hand Sanitizer
Kids are very resourceful. Especially when it comes to getting high. I would like to know who thought it would be a good thing to sip on some hand sanitizer. Yes, I said hand sanitizer.

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