Six-Year-old Arrested For Throwing Tantrum At School
Some parents of a six-year-old aren't happy with their daughter's school after she was handcuffed and taken to the police station. School officials say the girl was throwing furniture, tearing off stuff from walls and injured the principal when she knocked over a shelf.
Some Kids Get Completely Freaked Out By The Easter Bunny [VIDEO]
Are your kids a little afraid of the Easter Bunny? Were you when you were a kid? I was not, and I was very determined to meet him, however, I never did get the chance. Like Santa Claus and clowns the Easter Bunny causes terror in the life of some small children.
Here are five adorable videos featurin…
Parents Want To Ban Ice Cream Truck From Playground
I loved it when the ice cream truck would come around in the summer, but others don't love it so much. A group of parents in New York want the ice cream truck banned from the playground because they don't want to fight with their kids over ice cream every day.
What’s The Grossest Thing Your Kid Has Licked?
I was thinking about this the other day when I was watching my nephew grab food and dirt on the floor and eat it. It was rather gross and I kept telling him to stop picking stuff up off the floor and eating it, but he wouldn't listen.
Recently, Halle Berry's daughter was caught licking the …

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