How is Your Garden Growing This Summer?
I have a garden at home and one at the radio station.  The two couldn't be more different.  The one at home I am able to water regularly.  The station garden requires frequent trips with a watering can.
Stu’s Backyard Salad Bar is Open!
Whenever I want a tasty, healthy salad, all I have to do is head for my backyard salad bar. My wife and I planted several different types of lettuce and spinach in containers this year. This makes it a little easier to manage and keep track of what is growing.
Plant Your Peas, Please
Despite the fact that our weather has returned to seasonal form for mid-April, it's okay to plant certain cold-hardy crops. One of my favorites is peas! Peas grow quickly (4-8 weeks) and you can plant them in the spring and the fall.
Is it Too Early to Plant Your Garden?
If you're like me, and like to plant lots of vegetables and fruits, you're probably wondering, "Is it too early to plant my garden?"
For most of us in Michigan, the answer is "yes." With a few qualifications. First, this has been an abnormally warm year. The calendar shows that…