If you're like me, and like to plant lots of vegetables and fruits, you're probably wondering, "Is it too early to plant my garden?"
For most of us in Michigan, the answer is "yes." With a few qualifications. First, this has been an abnormally warm year. The calendar shows that we still have a week and a half left in March. Which leaves us about six weeks where we could potentially see snow, ice and who knows what else.

The smart gardener uses this opportunity to get their garden cleaned up and prepared for planting. I planted my garden on May 29th last year. May. 29th. Memorial Day weekend. I could have done it earlier, but have paid the price for it in previous years.

There are some plants that you can put in very soon. Peas, Potatoes, carrots, radishes are all tolerant of cold conditions. So is broccoli, cauliflower, chives, spinach, some types of lettuce and cabbage. Personally, I plan to wait at least a couple of weeks before putting some of those plants in.

Until then, I'll be soon be starting some seeds indoors so when I am sure it's safe to plant, I'll be ready.

Good luck with your garden this year!