The ‘Hug Me Jacket’ is Here for Lonely Guys
Here is the perfect parka for the long, dark, and lonely days of winter.
Designer Si Chan says he designed his eccentric kelly green puffer jacket, which features a row of clasped hands running up the front, to make the wearer feel "warm and hugged."
Does ‘Skinny’ Still Sell Clothes And Magazines [POLL]
I'll step up and own it. I'm what I like to call a curvy girl, and for so long I have looked at magazine covers and advertisements featuring ultra skinny girls and thought "I will never look like that." Well, Hallelujah! My curves may be back in style. Details after the j…
Site Lets Friends Tell Truth
How many times have you gone shopping and weren't sure if you should buy that piece of clothing? You have no one around to really tell you the truth, but that will soon change.