Is your purse dirty enough to make you ill?

New research says absolutely.

Brand new research conducted by Initial Washroom Hygiene indicates that the average lady's purse is contaminated with more bacteria than the average toilet. That research also confirms that one in five purse handles has enough surface bacteria to pose a serious health risk to humans.

The dirtiest thing in a purse is a bottle of lotion. Containers of hand cream were found to have more bacteria than an average toilet seat! Tubes of lipstick and mascara were only slightly cleaner.

Leather handbags tend to be the germiest because their texture provides an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and flourish.

Researchers strongly urge women to clean their handbags with antibacterial wipes often and wash their hands often as well, especially after digging around for something in a purse!

I found chicken bones in my purse once. That was after a very long weekend that I don't remember very well!

What's the dirtiest thing in your handbag right now?