Is it good business for a company to add a surcharge for a customer's bad language?

Having your vehicle towed probably ranks right up there with a root canal, and without a doubt some customers have struggled through the experience with the help of some bad language!

Mahogony Grandison parked illegally while visiting a friend recently, and her car was towed away along with several other vehicles by a company called Affordable Towing. When she went to pay her towing charges and retrieve her car she was shocked at her $350 bill, while the others vehicle owners were charged $200. The tow company, Affordable Towing, justified Grandison's additional charge as a "cursing fee." More in the story below.

The company's "cursing fee" doesn't break any consumer laws and a police report was filed as a result of Grandison's rude behavior, but is it good business to charge an additional fee for a customer's rude behavior and foul language?