You can't beat a package of Dole's bagged lettuce for convenience, but you may chose a different way to make your salad after you read this..

Rose Carducci, 28, enjoyed a spinach salad almost every day, but she hasn't eaten another one since she made this very unappetizing find..

Inside of an unopened bag of Dole spinach she noticed what looked like a chicken's foot. As she started to look some more she noticed that the foot had talons, nails and some feathers.

She contacted the grocery store, and employees thoroughly checked the Dole salad kits in their inventory. Nothing else there appeared to be contaminated, but they did contact their wholesaler.

Dole offered to send a courier to her house to pick up the contaminated bag of spinach, and offered several vouchers for any future purchases, but Rose says, "I won't be eating bagged lettuce or bagged spinach again."

She also reached out to the FDA. They were "horrified" by the discovery, and plan to contact Dole to review their spinach bagging process.

See actual footage of Carducci's discovery in the video below.