Eva and Adelbert, known as "Bud" to friends and family, make 70 years of marriage sound simple and look easy.

Eva and Bud start every day together in the same Swartz Creek house they bought for $2,000, back in 1945. They have been married for 70 happy years.

Bud, 93 and Eva, 90, met when she was just 16 and he was working on her family's farm. They were married four years later and bought their Swartz Creek home just a year after the wedding. The couple raised seven children, who now make sure that their parents are well taken care of on a daily basis.

Eva offers this advice for a successful marriage; "Just don't bicker and argue." She also refuses to leave the house without kissing her husband. "You never know," she says. "It might be the last time you see each other.

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