You may be tired of talking about Casey Anthony but her trial is still top of mind, especially since she gets to leave prison on Sunday. Most of the jurors in the case have remained anonymous and recently one of them actually quit their job early to go into hiding because she's afraid of her co-workers.

"People" reports that juror number 12 is afraid to face her co-workers because she's worried about what they'll say about the Anthony verdict. Her husband said she was going retire this fall, but has received death threats so she actually called her boss to give her notice.

When I first heard the verdict I was completely shocked and mad that Casey was getting off because you know she did it. But then after thinking about the trial, it's not the jurors fault for their verdict. The state unfortunately didn't have enough evidence and should have waited until they had more.

We asked you your thoughts on the matter to see if you blame the jurors for the verdict and to get your thoughts on juror number 12 quitting to hide out because she's afraid of the public's reaction. Most of you responded on Facebook and agreed that the prosecution should take the blame. Check out some of the responses below.