You are probably tired of hearing about Casey Anthony but I thought this was an interesting story regarding "Hustler" magazine. Larry Flynt has offered Anthony $500,000 to pose nude for the magazine and says she'll even get 10% of all profits. He says doing interviews are chump change and he could offer her way more money.

Flynt says while he was on a book tour he had tons of men approaching him asking him to have Anthony pose nude. He says men find her very attractive and would like to see pictures of her in the magazine. He told CNN Casey could make millions posing and says he's approached her people.

Apparently several people approached Hugh Hefner to see if he would have her in "Playboy," but he turned down the idea and said it would never happen. Larry Flynt is a completely different person who isn't afraid of a little controversy. Do you think she would do it? I bet she would since it seems like her TV interview offers are slowly going away.