Two months after their daughter was acquitted of murdering their granddaughter, Casey Anthony's parents have broken their silence and granted an interview to Dr. Phil McGraw, who confronts them about certain aspects of the case. Get a look after the jump.

In excerpts that aired Monday on NBC's Today show, McGraw asks Cindy about her distraught MySpace message that began with "My Caylee is missing," which she posted on July 3, some 12 days before 2-year-old Caylee Anthony was reported missing. Did Cindy know Caylee had vanished?

"Caylee was missing in my heart that day. She wasn't missing physically. I thought I knew where she was at," Cindy says. "I wanted Casey to know how much she was hurting me. And I thought she was purposely keeping Caylee away from me."

The full interview – for which McGraw's production company reportedly paid a fee to Caylee's Fund, not directly to the Anthonys – will air Today and Wednesday on his TV show.

Parts of the interview were released yesterday on the Today Show and The View. Check out the video below.