Flint has had a rough week, especially after being named one of the most violent cities, according to the FBI. With all the bad news, comes good news with people trying to get together to promote a strong community.

A group of local musicians got together and decided to write a song about the city of Flint. The song 'We Gone Make It,' is about the struggles the city has made and how we're going to make a comeback, according to The Flint Journal.

They've finished the song and now the group is inviting the community to film a scene for the video on June 4 from noon to 3pm at the Durant.

Yusaf Bauswell started the project with a friend of his and talks about what they want to accomplish:

'"This is for the city of Flint. We’re trying to do something about the turmoil the city has been in for so long. What we’re trying to do with this scene is depict what we want for the city.'"

Finally, we have another group trying to promote the good things the city has to offer. Stop by on June 4 to be part of the project and to be part of something positive.