The Twitterverse got a lil saltier. ‘X Factor‘ judge Simon Cowell has joined Twitter, which he announced last night on the performance episode. Cowell is a bit behind the digital times, creating his account on Wednesday, Nov. 16. Hey, better late than never to the social networking party, right? With ‘X Factor’ and even ‘The Voice‘ donating air time to the social media aspect of their reality talent shows, it was high time Cowell took the plunge and began tweeting.

His handle, if you are so included to follow him, is @simoncowell. He amassed over 20,000 follows once he went live; the account is also verified, so it is indeed the real Simon Cowell in all his quippy, critical glory. He is following his fellow judges and his girls on his team.

During the performance episodes, the show takes (or wastes, depending on your perspective) time to reveal which judge is the most popular or a trending topic in Twitter. Last night, Cowell joked that he was only leading the popularity contest by 53% and wondered why it wasn’t higher.

Oh Simon. You cheeky, acid-tongued Brit. Love ya.