Q: People would rather do this not so popular activity than prepare taxes.

A: Do your laundry. Abiya of Fenton agrees and would take her clothes down to the river if needed to get out doing her taxes.


Q: 60% of people can not remember this number.

A: License plate number. Ellen of Davison totally knows hers. Just kidding, she had no clue, but she got it right.


Q: About 1-in-6 people polled admit they've fallen asleep here.

A: The bathroom at work, gross. Wendy of Davison falls asleep in there constantly. Alright, maybe not, but she's done it before. Stay awake!


Q: Twenty-five years ago, this was not a popular clothing item for women to wear, now it is.

A: Hoodies! Jessica of Flint knew it and has a ton of them.


Q: Temperature is the number one argument people have in the office, what is number two?

A: Smelly food turns the office upside down and Angel of Flushing knew it. Congrats!