According to a survey of children, 25% say this is the worst part about riding in the car with their parents. What?

Parents yelling at other drivers. Congrats to Tiffany, who wins today's Workday 108 prize.


According to a survey of adults, 37% of us say we talk to this thing. What?

The self-checkout machine at the grocery store. Congratulations to today's winner, Linda Bendall from Grand Blanc.


About 68% of adults have done this on the weekend even though they hadn't intended to. What?

Binge-watched a TV series. Congrats to today's winner, Katrina Taylor from Mt. Morris.


According to a survey of Americans, 29% say this is their favorite thing about fall. What?

Lower electricity bills. Congrats to today's winner, Sue Oleyar from Flushing.


In a survey of adults, 53% of us say if we could go back in time we would change this. What?

Our college major. Congrats to today's winner, Angela Patsey from Durand.

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