According to a survey of elementary kids, one out of nine say they want to be in charge of this when they grow up. What is it?

A zoo. Congratulations to today's winner, Jennifer Eisinger from Fenton.


The average American throws this everyday item away on a regular basis. What is it?

Bread. Congratulations to today's winner, Jeanne Fox from Swartz Creek.


Research says 49% of couples get one of these before getting married. What?

A pet. Congrats to today’s winner, Taylor Oneil from Fenton.


About 4% of employees claim they never do this at work. What don't they do?

Laugh. Congratulations to today's winner, Michelle from Flint.


According to a survey of women, 17% say that this is a sure sign of insecurity in men. What is it?

Driving a sports car. Congratulations to today's winner, Dianne Simon from Fenton.
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Windex not included.

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