According to research, nine out of 10 of us throw this away without using them. What is it?

Instruction manuals. Congratulations to today's winner, Gary Shemes from Flint.


The average person can recite seven of these from memory; some of them are very simple. What?

Recipes. Congratulations to today's winner, Pam Stanley from Grand Blanc.


According to a survey, 39% of men have never done this chore. What is it?

Ironing. Congratulations to today's winner, Katherine Denton from Burton.


The inventor of this, came up with the idea because he had gotten tired of holding doors for women. What did he invent?

The revolving door. Congratulations to today's winner, Kristina LaBarge from Columbiaville.

These Weather Memes Are Pure Michigan

These Michigan weather memes are the best of the best.

The House That Cereal Built - Step Inside the Kellogg Mansion

Taking a peek into the Kellogg Mansion is like stepping back in time. The home, built in 1925 was originally known as the Villa Marina in Dunedin Isles.

William Kellogg, who founded the Michigan-based Kellogg's company only lived in the sprawling mansion for about three years (during the winter months) before his death in 1951. Eventually, the home succumbed to structural damage and was demolished a few years ago.

In addition to the photos below, you can take a virtual tour of the home using virtual reality. A news story highlighting the University of Florida's program is included below.

Michael Moore's Former Home on Torch Lake

Take a look inside one of Michael Moore's former Michigan homes, selling recently for just over $4.3 million.

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