Survey says, men are twice as likely to do this as women in the month of March. What is it?

Call in sick. Congratulations to today's winner, Barbara Howard from Clarkston.


It's estimated that about 33% of newlyweds already have one of these when they get married. What is it?

A kid. Congratulations to today's winner, Betty Timbs from Fenton.


Approximately 10 billion of these are thrown away unused every year. What?

Condiment packets. Congratulations to today's winner, Matt Raymond from Brighton.


Fill in the Blank: According to a survey of adults, 50% of us claim that knowing our partner's _______ is a sign of true love. What is it?

Cell phone password. Congratulations to today's winner, Dianne Simon from Fenton.


The chances of getting a perfect one of these is one in 9.2 quintillion. A perfect what?

NCAA tournament bracket. Congratulations to today's winner, Amy Woolerrdge from Howell.

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