According to a survey, 30% of couples who take road trips this summer will argue about this. What will they argue about?

How to load the car. Congratulations to today's winner, Gary Shemes from Flint.


According to a survey, 83% of us say that if this happened to us, we would absolutely keep it a secret. What is it?

Winning the lottery. Congratulations to today's winner, Nick Stevens from Lapeer.


There are exactly 293 ways to break this. What is it?

A dollar. Congratulations to today's winner, Cindy Gilliam from Flint.


According to a survey of women, about 33% say this food reminds them of their partner. What's the food?

Potatoes. Congrats to today's winner,  Jerilyn Finch from Fenton.


According to a new survey of adults, about 22% of us haven't been here in the last five years. Name the place.

The dentist. Congratulations to today's winner, Beverly Vondra from Swartz Creek.



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