A Father's Day leftover … This is the number one item you'll find in the average Dad's man cave. What is it?

A big-screen TV. (Duh!) Congratulations to today’s winner, Barbara Lockwood from Grand Blanc.


It's estimated that 28% of vehicles sold today do not come with this. What is it?

A spare tire. Congratulations to today's winner, Mark Fulks from Perry.


The average man doesn't learn how to do this until he's 24 years old. What is it?

Laundry. Congratulations to today's winner, Jason Ratliff from Caseville.


According to a survey of Americans, 65% of us say we would support this being our national food. What is it?

Bacon. Congratulations to today's winner, Patty Lutz from Flushing.


This is the #1 topic of text messages exchanged between family members. What is it?

What to have for dinner. Congratulations to today's winner, Chris Knapp from Mt. Morris.

Live in the Future, with a Little Bit of Bedrock, Complete with Indoor Pond for $400k

Imagine if you will the Jetsons from the future used an interior decorator recommended by the Flintstones, and toss in an indoor koi pond. Got it? Well, here's your house. On the market in Sterling Heights, Michigan for $419,969 ( even the price is uniquely odd), this house is one to see. From the floating staircase to the natural stone slate flooring throughout the 2700 square feet, ultra-modern is an understatement. Take a look inside, and yes...that's a full-on indoor Koi pond on the lower level.

Gay, Michigan: Then and Now

14 Things to Do on a Road Trip from Paradise to Hell in Michigan

If you're going to take a road trip, why not make it a trip to Hell from Paradise. When you make that trip in Michigan, here are 14 things to do along the way. 

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