Experts say if you've dated someone for six months and haven't done this, it's a red flag. What is it?

Haven't introduced your significant other to your family. Congratulations to today's winner, Tim Hense from Grand Blanc.


According to a survey of workers, about 20% of s keep one of these at work. What is it?

A toothbrush. Congratulations to today's winner, Tanya Hernandez from Lapeer.


According to a survey of hiring managers, 40% say wearing this during a job interview guarantees you won't get the job. What is it?

A hat. Congratulations to today's winner, Kathy Woycehoski from Clio.


According to a survey, six out of ten of us say that trusting our significant other with this is a sign of true love. What is it?

Our passwords. Congratulations to today's winner, Greg Purzycki-Sova from Flushing.

The Potter House - Right Next Door to the Governor's Mansion

An historic home in Michigan's capital has hit the market, and it just happens to be right next door to the governor's mansion.

The Potter House was built in 1926 for Sarah and Ray Potter, whose family were early settlers in Potterville and donated the land where the Potter Park Zoo was built.

21 Notable Michigan State University Alumni You May Recognize

Check out 21 notable alumni from Michigan State University throughout the years. So much great talent has walked through the doors.

This Fenton Home Sits on its Very Own Private Peninsula

A stunning home on Lake Fenton sits on its very own private peninsula. This four-bedroom, four-bathroom house features lots of nice touches like heated floors in the master suite - which is just steps away from the pool and hot tub.

The $2.5 million price tag is hefty, but wait til you see the pictures and the views.

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