About half of us admit that we are rude in this situation. What is it?

Talking to our smart speaker. Congratulations to today's winner, Kristina LaBarge from North Branch.


Since 1970, the number of people who do this on a regular basis has dropped by about 70%. What don't we do now?

Take a bath. Congratulations to today's winner, Linda Molbus from Flint.


Fill in the blank:  If you're an average woman, you have about $250 worth of ___________ that never gets used.

Jewelry. Congratulations to today's winner, Katrina Hatfield from Buron.


The average person does this about 15 times per day. It’s something harmless, but not exactly charming. What is it?

Burp. Congratulations to today's winner, Sharon McCarty from Davison.


According to a survey of adults, over 70% of us hate the sound of this. What is it?

Our own voice. Congratulations to today's winner, Mike Molpus from Flint.

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