According to a survey of Americans, 16% say this is sufficient reason to break up with someone. What is it?

Rooting for the wrongs sports team. Congratulations to today's winner, Marie Parrish from Grand Blanc.


According to a survey of Michiganders, 7% say we'd be willing to donate a kidney in order to do this. What?

Tickets to the Super Bowl. Congrats to today's winner, Mike Peters from Flint.


The average family exchanges approximately 10,000 text messages each year. What is the #1 topic of those texts?

What to have for dinner. Congratulations to today's winner, Ashley Minkowski from Mt. Morris.


According to a survey, 36% of us think it's tacky to propose marriage here. Where?

A sporting event. Congratulations to today's winner, Shannon James from Swartz Creek.


Workday 108 Jeopardy:  On Super Bowl Sunday the answer is 9. Give me the question.

How many chicken wings will the average person eat? Congratulations to today's winner Chris Cornette from Burton.

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