According to a survey of adults, about 20% of us feel that we would have the skill necessary to do this in an emergency. What?

Land a plane. Congratulations to today's winner, Lisa from Fenton.


According to research, people who live in the state of Maryland use more of this per person than people in any other state. What is it?

Toilet paper. Congratulations to today’s winner, Karen Brown from Davison.


According to a survey, 41% of people say they would really just like their Valentine to do this. What is it?

Bring home a pizza. Congratulations to today's winner, Yvonne Anderson from Flint.


According to a survey, 60% of men and only 30% of women say this is the deciding factor when it comes to buying a car. What is it?

Color. Congratulations to today’s winner, Justin Turbeville from Swartz Creek.


According to a survey of men, over half live by this ridiculous rule. What is it?

The five-second rule. Congratulations to today’s winner, Mike Hawkins from Clio.


Bob Seger's Mansion

Bargain: You Can Rent Tom Brady's Tampa Home for $60K a Month

For $60K a month, you can enjoy six bedrooms and seven bathrooms located in the exclusively high-end Davis Island section of Tampa. You will enjoy breathtaking views of Tampa Bay from every angle of the home along with a pool, a spa, and a covered double deck which comes with a private boat dock and lift. There is also a custom wine cellar too. Check out how the G.O.A.T. lives.

1871 Restored Train Depot is Now Unique Michigan Airbnb: Look

Located in the village of Colon, Michigan, this train depot found new life when it was moved to its current location in 1993. The owners spent painstaking time renovating and refurbishing the historic depot piece by piece making sure to salvage the original doors and nearly all of the interior beaded wainscoting as well as all of the unique antique "window weight" windows. The 2 bedroom 1.5 bath "home" sleeps 5 guests comfortably amongst charming decor in every room. Keeping with the historical theme, visitors will find antiques, a stunning restored sleigh, and beautiful custom-made cabinets inside. Take a look!

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