According to a survey of Americans, about half of us say we cried while doing this. It's no small thing. What is it?

Buying a house. Congratulations to today's winner, Tabitha Kelly from Clarkston.


About 18% of us do this at least once a week and it is most likely to happen on a Tuesday. What is it?

Show up late for work. Congratulations to today's winner, Tim Hense from Grand Blanc.


People were asked, What is the best compliment someone could possibly give you? and this was the number one response. What is it?

You raised great kids. Congratulations to today's winner, Angie Matznick from Corunna.


This device was originally invented to torture prisoners. Today, you probably have one in your house and you paid good money for it. What is it?

A treadmill. Congratulations to today's winner, Teresa Allard from Burton.


What is the #1 thing in your kitchen that is past its expiration date?

Spices. Congratulations to today's winner, Julie Borlaug from Grand Blanc.

Take a Look Inside the Most Expensive Home on the Market in Genesee County

Looking for a new home and love the thought of living on the lake? Well, do we have the perfect place for you! This home right on Lake Fenton is the priciest piece of property in Genesee County. A total of 7132+ sq. ft., there are 5 bedrooms, 4 full and 2 half baths, 6 plus car garages, and a view to die for. The place is perfect for a big family, maybe with the in-laws spending extra time since it boasts 2 separate living spaces with private entrances. The master suite has a custom closet Carrie Bradshaw would be impressed with. There's a theatre room, exercise room, and so much more. Take a little look inside!

Missing Kids in Michigan 2022

LOOK: The most extreme temperatures in the history of every state

Stacker consulted 2021 data from the NOAA's State Climate Extremes Committee (SCEC) to illustrate the hottest and coldest temperatures ever recorded in each state. Each slide also reveals the all-time highest 24-hour precipitation record and all-time highest 24-hour snowfall.

Keep reading to find out individual state records in alphabetical order.

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