According to a survey of women, 61% say they've been upset with their partner because they did this while driving. What is it?

Litter. Congratulations to today's winner, Michelle Blackwood from Ovid.


Experts say about 15% of college freshmen have never used one of these. What is it?

Iron. Congratulations to today's winner, Dorothy Onweller from Clio.


This is the #1 thing people purchase online when they're drunk. What is it?

Concert tickets. Congratulations to today's winner, Sara Purdue from Grand Blanc.

9 Gone But Not Forgotten Cedar Point Rides You May Remember

Cedar Point has been around for over 150 years and has seen some great coasters. Many rides have come and gone. Check out nine classics here. 

Check Out All 17 Roller Coasters at Cedar Point

Cedar Point has 17 roller coasters in the park the whole family can enjoy. From fast to friendly, how many have you been on?

Luxury Treehouse Resort in Michigan will Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Michigan is now home to a luxury treehouse resort, and we can't get enough! High above situated in the trees, this 500+ square foot treehouse is the perfect getaway. Rustic? Yes, but will all the luxury and comforts of home. Surrounded by nature and streams, you'll never want to come down. Take a look inside Tree Vistas located in Ionia, Michigan.

10 Stops For a Great Fall Colors Road Trip in Michigan

There's no doubt that Fall in Michigan brings us some gorgeous sights. If you're looking to hit the road for a Fall Colors tour, hopefully, this guide will help.

30 Acre Nursery and Home for Under $900K in Flushing, MI

If you are looking for a business deal with all the trimmings, Purkey's Nursery in Flushing, MI is on sale now for only $825,000.

Five Unsung & Unforgettable Michiganders

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