According to a survey of men, one in six do not know this about their wives. What?

Her weight. Congratulations to today's winner, Jennifer Boger from Fenton.


The average person thinks about this every 20 minutes. What?

Vacation. Congrats to today's winner, Laura Novak from Attica.


A new study suggests that men who wear these are perceived as angry and more aggressive. What?

Red shirts. Congratulations to today's winner, Sally Higgerson from Flint.


If you're dining in a restaurant that's playing loud music, you're seven times more likely to do this. What?

Order unhealthy food. Congrats to today's winner, Aggy from Flint.


If you have one of these, there's a 70% chance you have two. You'll probably see a lot of them this weekend.

Tattoos! Congratulations to today's winner, Aqueelah Beasey from Flint.

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