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If you are average, you wait a week and a half to do this after you get your first warning sign. What is it?

We wait to get our checked out once the check-engine light comes on. Congratulations to today's winner, Michael Deems from Essexville.


According to a survey of adults, 30% of us have never seen this very popular thing. What is it?

Star Wars. Congratulations to today's winner, Katherine Denton from Burton.


When Americans were asked:  What is the one thing in your house that doesn’t work? This was the number one answer given. What is it?

The ice maker in the refrigerator. Congratulations to today's winner, Nancy Abeare from Davison.


The average person over 40 in the US hasn't done this in over five years. What?

Hasn't made a new friend. Congratulations to today's winner Norman Ballard from Clio.


More than half of adults surveyed say that Dad is a better choice than Mom when it comes to learning how to do this. What?

Learning how to ride a bike. Congratulations to today's winner, Mike Wurtz from Columbiaville.


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