It's estimated that 44% of us have one of these in our cars even though it no longer works. What is it?

An air freshener. Congratulations to today's winner, Justin Turbeville from Swartz Creek.


About 35% of us eat this once a week at work. What is it?

A candy bar. Congratulations to today's winner, June Sprague from Mt. Morris.


According to research, the average parent spends about $700 per year on this, and the majority say they do it because they want to show off. What is it.

Birthday parties for their kids. Congratulations to today's winner, Sherry Crang from Mt. Morris.


About 25% of us admit that we have done this during meetings at work. What is it?

Fallen asleep. Congratulations to today's winner, Anne Brief from Grand Blanc.

These Weather Memes Are Pure Michigan

These Michigan weather memes are the best of the best.

Detroit Pistons Forward Marvin Bagley's $4 Million Home

This sprawling mansion which is owned by Detroit Pistons forward Marvin Bagley III is an absolute beauty.

It's located about a half hour from where Bagley grew up, and features five bedrooms, seven glorious bathrooms, and lots of extras.

This Luxury A-Frame Even Has Its Own Instagram Detailing the Building Process

This awesome A-Frame rental in Saugatuck has all the amenities. It even has its own Instagram page, detailing the building process.

Be sure to check out the ladder access to the loft at the very top of the home. The kids will love it.

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