It's nice to have goals even if they are a little weird. Tammy Jung has a goal to be the fattest fetish model in the world. You go girl.Pretty 23-year-old Tammy Jung force feeds herself every day with a funnel in a bid to become as fat as possible and earn money. She can earn up to $1,500 per day as a fetish model.

Tammy was once a healthy slim teenager who wore skinny jeans, loved playing volleyball and going out with friends.But in a bizarre reversal of a crash diet, Tammy turned her back on her slim good looks, and spends her days indoors stuffing herself with fried chicken, donuts and whole blocks of cheese.

She even allows boyfriend Johan Ubermen, 28, to pour ice cream milkshakes down her throat, in an attempt to put away 5,000 calories a day. Take a look at the video.