You may, (or may not) have noticed that Nick Lulli abruptly disappeared from WNEM TV-5 earlier this year. Although his departure from the station was not publicized, it was, however -- in the eyes of the WNEM's parent company -- a breach of contract. Meredith Corporation has filed suit against Lulli, claiming that he entered into an agreement to be employed by the station until March 8, 2019.

The station is seeking damages in the amount of $8,674.74.

The damages sought by Meredith Corporation are for expenses related to recruiting Lulli and his replacement, training costs, employment-related taxes, overtime expenses, and for loss of productivity while training his replacement.

Lull has returned to his home state of Florida since leaving the Saginaw-based station.

In a self-authored response, Lulli claims that the contract he signed was void because it was invalid and "extremely unjust." He also claims he was the victim of "discriminatory practices."

Lulli dismisses WNEM's claim that the station incurred any training-related expenses, and notes that he went live just days after he started in March of 2015.

"Plaintiff had zero cost for recruitment of defendant," his response states. "Plaintiff was interviewed via phone. Plaintiff consistently has overtime expense and begs employees to work extra hours. Defendant cannot be held liable for incompetent staffing by management."

Lulli's response also cites a 1982 Michigan Supreme Court decision, which bars employment contracts requiring remuneration or consideration from an employee, according to Mlive. He goes on to say that he has proposed an out-of-court settlement, but has not heard back from Meredith Corporation.

Mlive reports that a court date is pending.