Here's a bit of irony:  If you're reading this, it probably doesn't apply to you. Have you noticed that a certain segment of the population is seemingly ignored or cast aside by a lot of businesses?

That's not to say that all businesses or industries are guilty, but it does seem that people who often have the most disposable income have been ostensibly left behind.

Here's a Prime Example

I was at a large chain pharmacy that has a lot of stores in the Flint area the other day getting my COVID-19 booster shot. (I'm not trying to clobber you over the head with my thoughts on vaccines -- perhaps we'll save that for another time)

An elderly woman approached the pharmacy window and asked about getting her booster shot. The cashier told her that she would have to go online in order to make an appointment. "I don't do anything online," the woman responded. She was told that she would have to come back during an 'open' period and to be prepared to wait a couple of hours.

There wasn't anyone else in line.

How much effort would it really have taken for the cashier to take the woman's information and set up an appointment for her?

No Computer, No Cellphone, No Service

It's not just pharmacies that are ignoring the older generation. If you want the sale price or the special promotion, you'll need to clip, cut, click, or use an online sledgehammer in order to put that digital coupon into your online cart. And be sure to download our mobile app and click, click, click for special savings and super-duper rewards points...

Ironically, My Rant Doesn't Apply to You or Me

I'm not saying the Internet is a completely evil place. I spend lots of time online and acknowledge that you're reading my words on a screen right now.

But somehow past generations managed to work, raise families, and navigate through life without swiping rewards cards. It's disappointing to see today's generation of older Americans being left behind because they don't have the tech savvy or desire to immerse themselves into the online world.


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