First, let's take a moment to process this. 'American Idol' is still on TV, back for a second season on ABC. I know, right?

Although its relevance is questionable, season two premiered last night (locally on WJRT-TV) with Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie sitting in the judges' chairs.

But wait -- there may be legitimate reason to tune into the long-past-its-prime singing competition. A young man from Michigan is among this season's hopefuls. Jacob Moran is a registered nurse from Dansville, Michigan who works at a nursing home.

Moran says he enjoys singing to his patients.

"I do love caring for people," Moran said in the clip below. "Music is so healing. Music is what I believe I was meant to do, it gives me a sense of purpose, and I really want to share that with people and help them in their time of need."

Good luck, Jacob.



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