We have been talking about President Trump’s Merry Christmas Rally in Battle Creek for over a week now.  Since my radio talk show, The Live with Renk Show, is a Michigan based show and my Flagship station WBCK is located in Battle Creek there was certainly a lot of buzz about the event on my show.

I must admit that I was one of the lucky ones and due to my show was awarded a press pass and only had to stand in line about 5 minutes.  For all of you who stood for hours in the cold to attend the rally my sympathies were with you.

I arrived at the Kellogg Arena a little after 3 pm.  The arena was starting to fill so I walked around and met the people who were around the stage and the arena. I was truly impressed with the amount of positive energy that was coming from the attendees and the positive energy started to fill the air in the arena.

I met people who came in from all over the country to see and hear President Trump speak, some of them had attended previous rallies.  I thought to myself; what does this President have not no other President before him seemed to have that attracted all these people to not only attend the rallies but attend multiple rallies.  After speaking with them I believe it is due to the President being a genuine person.  Yes he was famous and wealthy before becoming President, yes he grew up in a much different and wealthier manner than probably 99.9% of the people attending.  But as I always say; when people speak from the heart, when people speak how they truly feel then others can sense that and start to build somewhat of a trust with that person.

In fact someone who is running in an upcoming election approached me at the event and asked why I thought so many people come to these events and tend to trust what President Trump says.  I told them I believed there were two reasons and advised that person to follow them.  The first his he speaks from the heart and wears his emotions on his sleeve so you know exactly where he stands on all issues.  The second reason is he has done or attempted to do exactly what he said he was going to do while campaigning, that builds trust.  No sane person expects someone to be perfect, we all have our own faults and normal everyday Americans know that but if they believe you when you speak and see you follow that up with action they can look past some of your faults just like they know other people look past theirs.

Many people on the left and the media, basically the same thing, believed that former President Obama was a good communicator, well everyone has their own opinions.  Could former President Obama communicate and speak well, yes but only when he was in front of a teleprompter.  He rarely went off script and spoke from the heart, if you ever heard audio clips of him speaking off the cuff he sounded horrible, but to each his own.

Much of President Trump’s speech was off the cuff and not being read from a teleprompter.  In fact I could tell when the President was talking off the cuff as opposed to off the teleprompter.

I believe that people believe that President Trump is truly working on their behalf to help improve their lives and fight the swamp that Washington DC and pretty much any city capitol in our country is. Because of that many people believe in President Trump and I witnessed it last night.

I would advise anyone who has a chance to go see President Trump to do so.  Everyone I spoke to at the event said it was certainly worth it.

It was truly a great event to go to.  President Trump did not let down the crowd and I have to admit he was pretty funny within his speech.  I especially liked when he spoke of Hillary Clinton and her “husband” former President Bill Clinton.  He told us that he actually liked former President Clinton and he wondered out loud to all of us if Bill actually called his wife crooked Hillary in the privacy of their own home.  What made me chuckle even more was him thinking they actually spend any private time together.

Good one Mr. President!

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