With all the hype surrounding Halo Burger's free Boston Cooler giveaway, I wanted to know more about this tasty treat.  Much to my surprise, it has nothing to do with Boston, Massachusetts whatsoever.  In fact, most people that live in Boston have never heard of it.

Created by Fred Sanders in the 1880's using vanilla ice cream and James Vernor's 1866 creation, Vernors Ginger Ale, the Boston Cooler was born in Detroit.  One theory suggests that it was named after the city's Boston Boulevard, but that street didn't exist until 1981.  To this day, the origin of the name still remains a mystery.

Still on the menu at Halo Burger restaurants, and a few Coney Island restaurants in the Flint and Detroit areas, the Boston Cooler is still a huge hit with consumers.  I'm addicted to Vernors, in fact I'm looking at two empty bottles, ten empty cans, and I just cracked open a new one!  (I know, I really need to clean my desk as you can see below.)

If you've never had the pleasure of enjoying an ice-cold Boston Cooler, now is your chance to try one for free!  Text "HALO" to 88460 to receive a free small Boston Cooler from Halo Burger.  But do it now because this offer ends on September 30th.  Treat yourself to two Michigan originals at the same time!

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