I think they missed a couple, but see what the Mitten State searches for the most on Google. See if you agree.

There is actually someone, in a basement somewhere, working for a company called Estately that keeps track of what Americans search for the most on Google. It's very interesting, and you can learn about the residents any state in the country by their searches. Here are just a few examples.

In Alaska, the top search subject is "Bird Watching." Colorado residents want Google to give them more information about "Marijuana." Hawaii wants "Spam Recipes." "U.F.O." does it for the folks who live in New Mexico. For California, it's "Alcoholics Anonymous" and most residents of Arizona type in "Conjugal Visits" when they do a search on Google.

What about Michigan, you might be asking. Here are the subjects that residents of the Mitten State search for the most on Google; "Knock Knock Jokes," "Little Caesars," "Omelette," "Topless Bar,"
"Taco Bell," and "Where Do Babies Come From."

For a complete breakdown by state as compiled by Estately, CLICK HERE.Check it out. It's an eye opener for sure!

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