So we've put our heads together, and think we have 'This is Us' all figured out, and know exactly how Jack was killed. Actually, to be clear, we can't quite come to a consensus so I'm going to present the most-plausible theory. Mine.

But first, let me just say, please don't throw away you Crock-Pots. For crying out loud, these products are tested extensively and have been proven to be reliable when used correctly. And the Pearsons' neighbor, George, told Jack and Rebecca that the Crock-Pot which he gifted them had a faulty switch. So knock it off!

So we've been speculating since season one that Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) was killed in a fire. I think it was a fairly good assumption to think that he was probably passed out after a night of binge drinking. But now, I'm walking that theory back a bit.

Kate (Chrissy Metz) has alluded to feeling responsible for her father's death. And her emotional vacillation over whether or not to adopt a dog for Toby (Chris Sullivan) takes us in a different direction. Jack didn't fall off the wagon and begin drinking on Super Bowl Sunday before the fire broke out. He put away food, cleaned up the kitchen, and (of course) turned off the defective Crock-Pot.

And let's not forget, batteries were supposed to be on the shopping list but were never purchased.

So how did the rest of the family escape while Jack perished in the fire? I can't get my coworkers on the same page, but *I* believe Jack and the other human members of the Pearson clan were able to safely make it out of the house. But Kate's dog? (Anyone else notice that the dog played a rather prominent role in Tuesday episode?) That dog didn't make it out. And Jack, being the dutiful dad and Kate's biggest supporter, went back in to rescue the pooch. He didn't make it back out of the house.

But let's not forget, while this seems to be the most-plausible theory (you do agree with me, right?), the writers of 'This is Us' have been known to throw us a few curveballs. So put a roast in the Crock-Pot, get fresh batteries for the smoke detectors, and we'll find out what the hell is going on together, right after the Super Bowl on February 4th.

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