Barbara Nielsen has never been to prison. But when she stepped off a plane in Fort Smith, Arkansas, the sign her four-year-old son held up read, "Welcome home from prison, Mom."

It was Dad's idea.

Brandon Nielsen made the sign for his son Damien to hold in the airport as Mom returned home from a business trip, hoping it would give people a laugh.

"I didn't even tell him about the sign or what it said. So I figured he would try and make a big deal out of it," Brandon said.

It worked. Barbara Nielsen notes that plenty of people in the airport were laughing. The sign had her rolling her eyes, as she's likely accustomed to her husband's antics.

And the picture of Damien holding the sign has attracted a lot of attention, going viral on social media.

Nielsen says wonders what her husband and son will have in store for her when she returns home from her next business trip.

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